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Spotify: Today’s Biggest Hit

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you’re likely to try and give your day a boost with its millions of tunes, playlists, artists, and podcasts. So, chances are, you’ve come across Spotify as one of the biggest streaming platforms.


The World’s Most Popular Musical Genre

We all have our preferences when it comes to music and, even though people may argue that there’s no correlation between the music you listen to and the way your personality is developed, there’s actual proof that different kinds of people listen to different kinds of music.


The powerful Beat of Native American Hip-hop

Native rappers in Canada represent a unique struggle in a country where the portion of the population to most likely have problems with the law is indigenous. This music talks loud and clear about the conflicts of being a minority with a vast tradition on the brink of extinction.


Some Freaky Musical Instruments Invented by Musicians

Nowadays, many musicians preferred to build their own instruments to complement the already known instruments and to give a unique feeling to their musical compositions. Keep reading so you learn and be surprised with several recent examples of new and unusual instruments built through this century.

The truth is that many contemporary instruments have been born from this process of artistic creation, as many artists are known for their continuous search to find new sounds to differentiate themselves from other musicians.


Stupid, Funny, Unforgettable

Isthishowyougoviral, Sesame Street is known worldwide for being the show packed with loveable characters that taught us all how to count, spell and generally be better people. Now these very same brightly coloured, floppy jawed bunch are singing the hits. With mouths that can essentially be manipulated to look like they are saying anything, here the visuals of the Jim Henson show is backed by hilariously unfitting tracks like Warren G’s Regulate, and In Da Club by 50 Cent. (more…)

Music and Laughter

Brett Domino Trio, looking a lot less like the regular pristine popstars that usually litter both big and little screens, Brett Domino has a look and demeanour of a lowly computer shop assistant. Accompanied by his usually silent band mate who soullessly stares into the camera, the trio is rarely seen in its full glory, which makes their band name immediately laughable. (more…)

No Time to Sleep

A Glance at YouTube’s 24/7 Radio

It almost seems backwards doesn’t it? The unbelievable video behemoth recognised worldwide as Youtube, the first and last place many go to watch videos of all kinds, whether indie shorts, step-by-step tutorials or of course animals doing, well, animal things. (more…)

Top SoundCloud Artists

One of the ways in which improvement and advancement has came to the music industry is through SoundCloud. SoundCloud is a platform that allows most latest music’s to be heard even before it goes public. (more…)

Top YouTube Music Artists

YouTube is filled with musicians and singers who has a lot of fanbase. You might have heard about some of them, you may know some, and u may even not have heard about some before now. Not to worry,I will be taking you through a comprehensive list and review of top YouTube artists all around the world. (more…)