Best Live Rock Bands

There is nothing quite like the excitement of going to see your favorite band or artist perform live. People of all ages can really enjoy the whole experience from arriving at the venue, waiting with anticipation for the acts to perform and then of course the thrill of seeing and hearing the musicians whose songs you’ve perhaps sung along to for years.

Mick Jagger

Well that’s the theory! In truth some acts just don’t translate that well to the live arena and perhaps are best heard from the comfort of your home. If you were going to go to the trouble and let’s face it expense of seeing a band live, who will give you the best value for money? What is one persons pleasure is obviously another’s poison but generally let’s consider those bands who deliver the goods in terms of quality of sound and level of entertainment, from what we might generally consider to be the genre of rock music. Sometimes you just can’t beat a tried and tested formula and such is the case with the Rolling Stones. These consummate professionals have been rocking arenas and stadiums for decades now and show no signs of letting up. The quality of the stage show and relentless energy ensures you will not be disappointed even though you can expect to pay a premium to see them on tour. Mick Jagger never fails to entertain and old and new fans alike will enjoy this iconic band in action.

More recently Cold Play has earned a reputation as a live powerhouse and they are consistently selling out large venues on World tours. The quality of their songwriting and musicianship ensures that their shows are always evolving and the unfettered energy of front man Chris Martin is infectious. Their increased popularity has not affected the evolution and growth of the band and this continues to be translated into their live act. Kings of Leon have steadily risen on the world rock stage and have a stage presence that does not disappoint. With their unique vocal sound and often haunting tunes the band delivers a quality of sound and overall stage performance second to none.

The killers are another band who’s vocals, provided essentially by Brandon Flowers, are very distinctive. The energy and originality of their sound is unmistakable and they consistently deliver a vibrant live spectacle with song after song that has the audience dancing and singing along. They create an energy and vibrancy on the stage hard to rival. Similarly a band who has a great connection with its fan base and has risen through the ranks on the rock scene more recently is the British rock band the 1975. With their charismatic front man, Matty Healy they have captured the voice of a generation and their relatable lyrics and common place sentiments make them a band for these ages. Not only are their songs relatable but highly musical. The 1975’s distinctive sound translates well to the live arena and their commitment to producing a quality show is evident. The appealing vocals and music plus stage production does not disappoint and this young, hard-working band would seem to have a long future ahead of them.

Brandon Flowers

One of the most iconic live rock bands has to be U2 and no list would be complete without them. Still delivering awesome live shows, both in terms of sound quality and visual effects, they have been at the top of their game for the last several decades. They are still capturing new followers and expanding their horizons with new music. These bands are but a small selection of some of the exciting bands worth watching live, you know doubt have your favorites. Let’s hope that the thrilling live rock experience will be a part of the entertainment world for many years to come.

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