Best Rock Albums

If you are a follower of the Billboard 200 in the past years, you would have noticed the dominance of rock music, especially in recent years, it has been this genre that fills up most of this list. Below are the top best Rock Albums.

After Laughter, Paramore

Halley Williams and Paramore would have gotten all the successes they could lay their hands on in pop radio during the follow-up to 2013’s Paramore, a song that bought the band to the top 10 on the Hot 100 for the very first time. After Laughter ” was of high quality and very ‘poppier’. Williams combined lyrics and hooks together, delving very deep into the 80s far better than the group had been doing before. The band had most cohesive efforts, best produced, most reliable and most catchiest rock songs. These are songs that will make you feel so good every time you listen to them.

Priest, Noting feels Natural

This is a music that can only be described as Awesome!. A song with great genre that malanges effortless. The music is the band’s most accessible yet sophisticated song. It is a song that reached you not to stop just once and think!

Masseduction, St. Vincent

Annie Clark proved to the world that she was not lying when she promised that her fifth album under her name as St. Vincent will be her most personal. When she released this album, the guitar shredding pop rock artist offered about 13 songs in the album. Song were filled melodies about kinky sex ,drug addiction, gender identity, power, etc.

Muna, About U

The Trio Pop Rock band came in the best time, a time when the world was crumbling, the band came with a healing dose of love, acceptance and unity. The song “about u” is an inspirational song that opens your eyes to think about your personal self.

A Deeper Understanding, The War on Drugs

In a review by J.L, he said ” the war on drugs 2014 commercial breakthrough ” lost in the dream” found the philly outfit reaching new levels of pristine studio. Speaking technically, the song is a mavel of craftsmanship, and its shimmering and enveloping production makes it a soothing delight.

Japandriods, Never to the Wild Heart of Life

After the euphoric celebration rock in 2012/ the Japandroids could not had been blamed for not putting everything on the line. About four years after ,the band came up”Near to the Wild Heart of Life’, a rock song that directly follows it’s predecessor,. Talk of ebullient energy and singadong hooks and also in the introduction of electronic Winkle.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles is a rock start that was led by the introduction of ‘signs of the time”. Harry was well known for being a member of the pop band One Direction but later left the band to pursue his own music. Harry is an artist with a difference, he sings with a vagueness!

Other rock albums are Pvris, all we know of heaven, all we need of hell, Charley Bliss, Guppy.

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