Best Stadium Bands Today

Every era has its music and throughout history cultural changes, technology and talent have driven the development of a particular style and those artists who perform. It used to be that live performing was a given and that in order to become a successful musical artist one had to have sufficient skill to do that, to the satisfaction of a live audience. More recently the advent of certain technology means perhaps less talented or certainly differently gifted individuals can create a sound that may appeal on radio or record but not necessarily translate in the live arena. So, the question is, is there still a market for those bands whose main appeal is their live performance especially ones who can provide the thrill of a large stadium concert?

So, let’s consider who might be in the running for the best stadium bands of today. Without a doubt one of the biggest contenders has to be the Irish rock band U2 who have been consistently thrilling their fans for more than thirty years and have no trouble selling out large arenas such as football stadiums in the US. They also successfully combined their tried and tested live performance formula with the new aspects of the industry and technology when the 2010 360° concert, at the Pasadena Rose Bowl, California, was live streamed over the Internet via YouTube! So, in addition to the 97,014 people present over 10 million viewers streamed the concert, making it the largest streaming event in the website’s history. Other iconic brands such as The Rolling Stones have been consistently producing world-class tours that have reached the masses at the stadium level.

Amazingly the band celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012 and they are still recognized as one of the most thrilling live acts out there. A more recent addition to the stable of stadium worthy bands is the British band Cold Play. Compared to U2 and The Stones they do seem like the new kid on the block but in fact since the year 2000 the band has been consistently touring and building a very solid fanbase. In fact, they have only had three years off the tour circuit in that time and at this point in their career are able to consistently fill those large venues and provide the goods, musically speaking. Not surprisingly Metallica is up there in the running and one of the bands currently playing the NFL stadium circuit. Once again, this well-established heavy metal band has a long history in the music industry forming initially in 1981.

The loyal fan base and a great live performance keeps them consistently able to attract the support needed to fill the stadium and produce a thrilling tour. Similarly, Guns n Roses still manage to pull the big tour out of the bag and are also currently playing the stadium circuit in the USA. They have produced music consistently over the past several decades that has thrilled their diehard fans and the new ones alike. Their ability to always put on a show draws the fans on a supersize scale! Interestingly of the bands able to achieve this status almost all have the distinction of being in the business for quite some time. Not surprisingly they have all demonstrated their musical skill, artistic and creative prowess and a certain amount of dedication and hard work. It is certainly no mean feat to be counted among the few bands who in this digital age are able to command an audience on such a grand scale.

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