Great Recording Artists of Today

2017 has been a great year for music, perhaps one of the best years the industry has
seen in a while. There have been new artists emerging and making a name for themselves. The year has by far been one of the best years in music. Each album better than the next. These artists all with their own unique voice and sound, whether it was someone making a comeback or someone making their debut there was a wide birth of variety and cultural representation. There are some artists that thrive when in the studio and some that thrive when on stage, some are just better performers than others and they do best when they are on stage. Those that do best in the studio are often referred to as better recording artists. This is not to shame them in any way, they are just better in the studio than others might be. Here are a few of the best recording artists to keep an eye one, they have been successful in 2017 and will no doubt see further success in the coming years.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar Duckworth was born and raised in Compton, California and began his musical journey as a teenager he originally went by the name K-Dot. In 2010 he began to rise to fame when he released his album entitled “Overly Addicted”. He saw great success with this album and had many chart toppers, from there he went on to collaborate with several other artists. This year his well-known album DAMN was a massive success, it’s lead single called “Humble” topped billboards top 100.

Tyler the Creator

Tyler Gregory Okonma known as his stage name Tyler the Creator came to fame when he started his hip hop collective called “Odd Future”. Not only is he well known for his music and artistic talents he also has a clothing line “Golf Wang”. He is a true multi talent. He has worked with many other artists to help them reach fame and has been a true creative and living up to his self-name this year Tyler came out with his album “Flower Boy”.

Lana Del Rey

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant also known as Lana Del Rey has been a successful recording artist for a few years now. This year she released her album “Lust for Life” it was her second album to reach number 1 on the charts. Lana’s “Lust for Life” album was even nominated for a Grammy at the 60th Grammy Awards. She has repeatedly had successful singles come from her albums and her pure voice and ironic lyrics speak to many of her listeners.


Khalid Donnel Robinson known as Khalid is a young upcoming artist! His style has opened a new world in today’s music. His debut single called “Location” peaked to number 16 on the charts and was certified platinum! He has since recorded several more songs with various artists and had worked hard to reach the success and notoriety that he has now.

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