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Brett Domino Trio, looking a lot less like the regular pristine popstars that usually litter both big and little screens, Brett Domino has a look and demeanour of a lowly computer shop assistant. Accompanied by his usually silent band mate who soullessly stares into the camera, the trio is rarely seen in its full glory, which makes their band name immediately laughable. Known for their silly but accurate instructional video ‘How To Make A Hit Pop Song’, Brett (and Steve) give a few tips on composing, followed by the catchy song they made. With chuckle-inducing awkwardness, the Brett Domino Trio has attracted a huge fan base and continue to upload oddball activities.

Steel Panther

As with the best forms of parody, getting as close as possible to the source material is vitally important. Therefore Steel Panther are so good at what they do. With a meta level of consistency, this group of four authentic looking glam metal rock stars sound just like their late 20th century influences. New listeners would probably struggle to set them apart from the same bands they are imitating, if it wasn’t for how profanely graphic their lyrics were. With no holds barred when it comes to the overtly sexually explicit, Steel Panther get technical about what superstars like themselves get up to behind closed doors. And yet once you listen to their sordid tales, its hard not to agree that the radio friendly rockers of the past were only slightly subtler.

Lonely Island

While writing behind the scenes, the group shot to success after Saturday Night Live aired their Manhattan-shot video for Lazy Sunday. Since then the group have dropped single after single of laugh out loud content all accompanied by well produced music videos. Fans and otherwise will know some of their best hits including, ‘I’m on a Boat’, ‘Like a Boss’ and ‘D**k in a Box’ featuring guest appearances by T-Pain, Seth Rogen and Justin Timberlake respectively. Their ability to pull guests from pools of both comedy and pop music make for even funnier alliances as they storm the charts with well-known names performing outrageously. With four albums of non-stop laughs under their belt and even a feature film that is an impressive satire of the pop music industry, its no wonder that The Lonely Island don’t seem to be disappearing any time soon.

Jon Lajoie

Starting his Youtube career creating hilarious adverts for fake products, the Canadian funnyman evolved his uploads into musical numbers with great success. Well known for his parody of boastful hip hop, his video for ‘Everyday Normal Guy’ released in 2007 has now amassed over thirty-six million views. Unraveling a stream of side-splitting raps delivered by unforgettably bizarre characters, he also found success with his acoustic numbers. People clicking to watch ‘2 girls 1 cup song’ shouldn’t have been surprised to find that the calm and emotional guitars quickly give way to over-the-top explicit and ridiculous lyrics. Well known for his beloved portrayal of Taco on fantasy football comedy The League, its probably unsurprising that his origins were equally as silly. The climbing views of his music videos continue and are all now available in audio only.


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