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Greatest Stars to Come from Youtube

To make money from YouTube, you need to have a lot of visitors and subscribers that will constantly return to your channel. The whole process can be hard because there is a lot of competition. Every niche is covered and there are thousands of people uploading videos on a particular niche. Patience is the key. Getting popular means thinking outside the box and demonstrating an incredible level of creativity. Youtube stars know how to engage the audience as well as how to communicate and deliver messages properly. I will mention some of the greatest Youtube stars that are making enormous amounts of money. (more…)

How Youtube Changed the Music Industry

The music business can be very cruel, and most artists do not find it easy to make money. A brief explanation came out recently when the UK industry discovered that artists managed to make more money by selling vinyl in 2016 than getting paid for views on YouTube. BPI data shows that vinyl sales in the UK are growing for the ninth year in a row, with sales of about 3.2 million records and 41.7 million in revenue for publishing houses and artists. By contrast, a music video streaming, dominated by YouTube, made only £ 25.5 million. (more…)