Stupid, Funny, Unforgettable

Isthishowyougoviral, Sesame Street is known worldwide for being the show packed with loveable characters that taught us all how to count, spell and generally be better people. Now these very same brightly coloured, floppy jawed bunch are singing the hits. With mouths that can essentially be manipulated to look like they are saying anything, here the visuals of the Jim Henson show is backed by hilariously unfitting tracks like Warren G’s Regulate, and In Da Club by 50 Cent. The drastic contrast between the dark tone of the tracks and the happy go lucky video accompanying it makes for an odd couple you can’t stop watching. The channel also offers videos edited from cartoons, featuring the likes of Arthur, Bugs Bunny and great combination of He-Man singing DMX.

Bad Lip Reading

Making Muppets and cartoons sing is one thing but finding a completely new set of words in live action footage is a feat. This is where the team at Bad Lip Reading really shines. Beginning with music videos, they have since managed to dub speeches, sporting events and even parts of films with convincing accuracy. With most of their works creating original songs out of the clips, they very cleverly make most of the lyrics even make sense with the footage they use. It’s no wonder that hundreds of millions of viewers have tuned in to see Yoda sing about seagulls or watch the Avengers become Rednecks.


Here the use of movie clips is used once again to make consistent songs. Often making fun of the most questionable moments on screen, they highlight plot holes or catchphrases to create legitimate pieces. Specialising in Arnold Schwarzenegger movies (thanks to a hilarious singing impression) Jon and Al have whittled down the acts of several film favourites into silly musicals. Predator, Conan the Running Man and more will never be the same again.

Gregory Brothers/Shmoyoho

These guys are responsible for some of the best-known autotune remixes on Youtube. Notably taking news clips that are far from jovial and turning them into tracks with hooks so unforgettable you will hate yourself for listening in the first place. One such track is the Bed Intruder Song, which is now famous for its valuable life lesson of “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife”. With a multitude of ‘songified’ news clips, movie samples and their own originals under multiple accounts, these guys continue to throw out catchy tracks to this day. Viewers of Netflix show Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt will be familiar with their latest work, as the Gregory Brothers themselves created the infectious theme song.


Although the actual account seems to have disappeared, fans won’t stop re-uploading favourites by a master of dubbing. This account was well known for taking foreign songs and uploading videos with misheard lyrics. Indian Thriller and Benny Lava are but a couple of examples by this pioneer of the art. In fact, this account was so synonymous with these dubs that anyone else submitting similar work would begin to describe their videos as ‘Buffalaxed’.


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