The Impact of Music on Our Lives

Music is such an integral part of our lives these days, you see people listening to it as they walk down the street, as they work, as they exercise and so much more. You may see then moving to the rhythm before you even notice the discreet headphones or perhaps they have large head phones and want you to know exactly what they are listening to. Listening to music dates back centuries, even the Bible says that there is a time to dance. And throughout time music has been recorded as being a part of almost every culture and country that has existed. From the most basic forms to the more develop music, before there was even music notes and fancy instrument people were dancing to beats and singing along. It is such a part of our cultures and society that we almost forget just how important it is to us, until we have to go without it.

Have you ever forgotten your headphones when you went on a run, or the radio has broken in your car and you have to drive in silence?

In these moments we realize just how much we listen to music and how important it really is to us. It is in these moments that we feel we cannot live without music in our ears at all times.

Nowadays music is an even more integral part of our lives because technology has made it possible to take it literally everywhere we go. Since the invention of mp3 players kids and adults alike have been carrying their favourite tunes with them everywhere they go. Then there has been the advancement of head phones as well, ones that almost disappear into your ears and allow you to listen privately to your favourite tunes. This idea is not entirely new, before the iPod there was the Walkman and cassette players, the original way of taking music with you, over the years it has just gotten easier and easier to have your music with you at all times. Along with that came the ability to share music more easily as well, first you could burn CD’s for your friends with your favourite tracks on them. Now you can quickly share playlists through Spotify, Soundcloud or other music apps and within seconds you and your friends are all listening to and enjoying the same songs or sharing new ones. This just further integrates music into our day to day lives and our relationships.

Music has long been a part of culture as well, modern day society has national anthems or perhaps team chants that are sung at games, centuries ago this would have been tribal songs or chants, or perhaps war songs. People have always found joy in listening to music, it soothes a baby and cheers up the elderly. It is such a huge part of society that we truly cannot live without it. The next time you are listening to one of your favourite tunes think of how important music is to your live.


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