The World’s Most Popular Musical Genre

We all have our preferences when it comes to music and, even though people may argue that there’s no correlation between the music you listen to and the way your personality is developed, there’s actual proof that different kinds of people listen to different kinds of music.

Moreover, people tend to shift between musical genres according to their mood, the time of the day, the activity they’re doing or whatnot, so music is actually extremely divided when it comes to its composition.There are thousands of different musical genres according to any given kind of features and specifications, and while all of them have a huge fanbase, there are just some of them that are far more popular than others. Either because of advertising, the radio, or just how well developed their music is, some genres are way more successful than others when it comes to the number of listeners, and today, we’ll let you know about the world’s most popular musical genres:


There’s a reason why this kind of music has been around for so long, as it was first conceived between the 17th and 19th centuries, yet people continue to listen to the first musical genius of the history of the world.

Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin are just one of the main representatives of this genre, which favors well developed and orchestrated pieces with a lot of instruments and none-to-zero vocals. Up to this day, orchestras are still trying to replicate the life’s work of these prodigies, and its relaxing nature makes it extremely popular.


Rock music was born thanks to the people’s desire to be heard. A revolution was due at all levels of society, and rock helped young rebels build anthems about what was happening all over the world.

Rock was a way of protesting the established order, a way to give black people a voice, and a way to express its anger, its views on life, and let everybody know that young people were also people. Later on, it was a synonym of having fun, of defying the odds, of doing everything you ever dreamt of. Up to this day, this spirit continues to live on.


As you could tell by its name, pop it’s the most popular music in the world. Pop music has been around since the late ‘50s, and even though it has come a long way and it’s reinvented itself over and over across the history of time, the essence remains pretty much the same.Pop music takes a little of every other gender and while it seems like there’s a perfect formula to make a hit, it actually takes a lot of work. Either if you’re partying, driving in your car or just trying to get by, it’s sticky riffs and relatable lyrics have been a synonym of success for the music industry.


Mostly developed in Puerto Rico, Reggaeton has paved its way in the music industry and while the purists may argue it shouldn’t even be a musical genre, it’s clear that it’s here to stay as one of the most popular genres nowadays.


Originally conceived as a means of protest, reggaeton is now more of a Latin pop kind of genre. It has funky tunes that encourage you to shake your booty and have a good time at the club, and while it may not be for everyone, it’s been a massive success over the last couple of decades.


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