Top SoundCloud Artists

One of the ways in which improvement and advancement has came to the music industry is through SoundCloud. SoundCloud is a platform that allows most latest music’s to be heard even before it goes public. SoundCloud does not only serve as a platform for discovering new and upcoming talents, but it also serves as a platform that allows kids yo record and post songs right from their bedrooms. It accommodates upcoming musicians and other artists alike. Most of the upcoming artists, aspiring singers and sometimes the established musicians are making us of the advantages of SoundCloud platform to improve and air their songs. This article will be centered on the top artists on SoundCloud.

Post Malone

Post Malone is a New York native that first posted his song titled “white inversion” on SoundCloud February 2015, and the song became viral and attained more than 1 million plays within a month!. This achievement brought Post Malone to light and he got a lot of attentions from different record labels. After about five months, he premiered the video of the song “white inversion” on YouTube and it was viewed more than 200million times!. Post Malone’s other songs like “Too young, holy field, and that’s it” all reached more than 30million plays, thus making him one of SoundCloud’s Top Artists.


Her first album on SoundCloud titled “Antisummerluv” was released in 2013. This song gave her a connection with a studio in Los Angeles through Nick Cannon who listened to her song on SoundCloud. From Los Angeles, Kehlani released another album titled ‘cloud 9’ which was one of the best albums in the year 2014. Kehlani’s tracks such as “jealous, you should be here, down for you,” and so much more had more than a million streams on her SoundCloud account.

Don Monique

Within a year,Don Monique who was just an ordinary aspiring rapper from Brooklyn was transformed into the most talked about rapper. How he did it? Its simply through SoundCloud!. She engaged INA live performance and she continually streams all her raps on SoundCloud!. She started her SoundCloud account in the early months of 2015, and before the end of the year, she has had more than a Million play.

DonMonique at Hammerstein Ballroom

Bryson Tiller

This rapper hailed from Kentucky and he started his musical career in 2011 after releasing his mixtape titled ” killer instincts “. He did not gain any recognition until 2014 when he released a single debut titled ” don’t”on SoundCloud, a music that made billboard Hot 100 top 13. In 2015, Bryson Tiller became the most talked about hip hop and R&B artist when he released his debut album titled ” trap soul “. His continuous uploads of songs on SoundCloud earned him more than 50million plays


This Norway songwriter, record producer, and DJ gained international attention when he remixed a song ” I see fire” by Ed Sheeran. This remix earned him about 50million plays on SoundCloud. In 2014, his single song ” Firestone’ earned him close to 80million plays both on YouTube and SoundCloud.

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