Top YouTube Music Artists

YouTube is filled with musicians and singers who has a lot of fanbase. You might have heard about some of them, you may know some, and u may even not have heard about some before now. Not to worry,I will be taking you through a comprehensive list and review of top YouTube artists all around the world.


Born in America, Christiana Victoria Grimme was an American songwriter well know for her participation in ‘the voice’ and also her covers of songs from contemporary Pop musician’s hit songs. Her YouTube name was Zeldaxlove64, and she died in Orland, Florida, after a fan Kelvin Loibi short her dead during a meet and greet.

Jakie Evancho

Having gained worldwide recognition at an early stage of her life, Jacqueline Marie, an American classical crossover singer had since 2009 released five albums, which includes platinum and gold album, and some other three that made the Billboard 200 top10 debuts.

Tori Kelly

She started making music in her bedroom and keep posting on YouTube until the video became viral and reached Scooter Braun. Tori Kelly now performs along side Biebs at Grammys and also plays ping pong. One lesson that can be learnt from Tori was that she didn’t let what people says get through to her. Tori Kelly was criticized seriously by a lot of people for her tool on American Idol, but she was never discouraged, she kept doing what she lives doing, and this brought her to where she is today.

Shawn Mendez

It will be hard to believe if you were told that there use to be a time when Shawn was participating in cover contests. He is a singer who lived on Vibe, and he has been able to earn more than 10000 likes in just one day, and has also won a lot of hearts!. He joined T- Swift tour squad during her tour in 1989 and he also opened Vine for Austin Mahoney, a fellow Youtuber.

James Bay

James is a low key artist with a very strong influence of music. James was an average musician who used to play gigs for about  four to six nights in a week before he got signed. He took his music career very serious and this passion got him to where he is today.

Alessia Cara

Alessia will always post stripped down acoustic covers of her favourite songs on YouTube after school activities, although she always try to keep it silent and to herself alone. The daughter of the founder of E.P Entertainment saw one of Alessia’s postings and showed it to her parent. This was the beginning of the fame for Cara, that turned her senior years at school to a music focused one, always recording demos.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber who is undoubtedly the mist famous YouTube star of all time also started from somewhere. Scooter Braun unintentionally clicked on one of Justin’s local video titled ‘sick’, and this was the beginning, and it resulted into the creation of ‘Bieber Fever’, and till date, the bond between Justin,Scooter and Usher is unquestionable.

Other artists such as Charlie Puth, The Weeknd,, Austin Mahoney, Pentatonic, CarlyRae Jepsen, and so on are also top YouTube artists.


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